Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Version 24 - Alternate domains clic.gs & go2.gs

You can now use 4 domains for your secured short links: safe.mn, cliks.fr, clic.gs and go2.gs. You can switch between the domains at any time: http://safe.mn/1 and http://clic.gs/1 point to the same final link.

Choose an alternate domain

We have also improved our statistics. You can see a map of the visitors by country.

Visualize where visitors come from
We improved our French translation as well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Version 23 - en fran├žais / in French + clicks.fr

Safe.mn has been translated into French (well, most of it). We'll keep working on the translation in the coming weeks.

We've also added a new domain: cliks.fr It is the safe as Safe.mn, but with a more user-friendly name. We're going to add a few other domain aliases to Safe.mn, stay tune!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Version 23 - Custom screenshot system

  •  we rolled out our own screenshot manager. It is more reliable, and faster than the API we were using. Most of the broken screenshots have been replaced
  • show a notification when a URL is copied to the clipboard
  • works without Javascript or Flash
  • improve compatibility with Opera and Chrome

Bug fixes
  • improve URL matching: discard characters that could be appended to the URL in a tweet