Sunday, August 12, 2012

Move to a new server (SUCCESSFUL)

We're moving (along with, and and to a new, more powerful,  server.

The move will start on Tuesday 08/14/2012 at 8pm PST and will finish the same day at 10pm PST. The API will be shutdown during the move, so new short URLs can be created during the 2-hour move (UPDATE: it lasted 22 minutes only).

The short URLs will still redirect users throughout the move. We will loose a bout a day of statistics about traffic.

We will update this post when the move starts, and when it is done.


8pm PST 08/14/2012:
  • migration started
  • No new short URL can be created
8:18pm PST:
  • database migrated to new server
  • DNS switched to new server
  • Old IP redirects to new server

8:22pm PST:
  • new short URLs can be created
  • migration is complete (much shorter than scheduled)

8:30pm PST
  • all tests are successful
  • the migration is officially finished